Lehmann Aviation

OperationCenter v2.00
The most advanced Drone Management System
OperationCenter is a professional software for flight planning, aircraft control and post flight data management. Running under Windows8 and Windows Phone8 operating systems, OperationCenter is the easiest way to process your data in a matter of seconds, on a touchscreen tablet, PC or Windows Phone.

Operating a drone has never been easier!
Easy - Intuitive - Powerful
With OperationCenter v2.00, follow an intuitive workflow. Just draw with your fingers the needed flight path on the map. Adjust each waypoint precisely (position and altitude). Check for obstacles. Save your mission to use it in the future. Send it to your drone via WiFi and just Fly!
Tablet Native
A real touchscreen app
OperationCenter has been developed from the beginning to be used on touchscreen tablets or phones. Its ergonomic User Interface is really intuitive and training to use it is only a matter of few hours, even if you are a beginner.
Easy Orthomosaics & DEM
Do the job efficiently
Select an area, choose overlaps, the required precision, and let OperationCenter compute all the data for you (LA300 only). After the flight, geotag and process your images in any mapping software.
Other operational tools
Altitude management, logbook and more
Replay the whole flight, log your flight time, manage your batteries life and other information in the electronic logbook, and much more features to help you manage your day-to-day drone operations.
Windows Phone App
Your drone from a phone
Manage your all aircraft from any Windows Phone 8. Prepare your mission, send it to the drone, check the systems and Fly! (some features are available only on the tablet/PC version)
A new level of simplicity, available for free
Everything you want in a 100% touchscreen application
Analizing our customers feedback for years, we are constantly improving OperationCenter to fully meet your expectations. Available on Microsoft Stores (Windows8 and Windows Phone 8), free of charge.