Lehmann Aviation

OperationCenter v2.00
The most advanced Drone Management System
OperationCenter is a professional software for flight planning and aircraft control. Streamline your workflow from pre-flight to post-flight processing, now running under Windows8 and Windows Phone8 operating systems. Our innovative software helps to process your data in a matter of seconds, on a touchscreen tablet, PC or Windows Phone (some features are not available on Windows Phone version). Just enter the required pre- or post-flight data and let the OperationCenter do the rest.
Operating a drone has never been easier!
Prepare your missions and GeoTag your images
With OperationCenter v2.00 all the flight management process - from mission preparation to controlling and geotagging all your images - is at your fingertips, intuitive and easy. At the end you will get all your images ready to be processed in the most popular orthomosaic/DEM software to create professional maps and produce precise orthomosaics and 3D models.
Precise control
Optimize your missions
Just draw with your fingers a rectangle over the area of interest, put the waypoints and define ground resolution and image overlap (forward and lateral) and the OperationCenter will automatically generate your mission and program your drone to trigger images automatically. Save your missions to use them in the future.
Other useful tools
Great features included
Replay the whole flight to analyze precisely your flightpath, log your flight time, manage your batteries life and other important information in an electronic logbook, and much more features to help you manage your day-to-day drone operations.
A new level of simplicity, available for free
Everything you want in a 100% touchscreen application
Analizing our customers feedback for years, we have totally redesigned OperationCenter to fully meet your expectations. Now available on Microsoft Store, free of charge, and compatible with all our drones.