Lehmann Aviation

Innovation with Passion

Breakthrough Engineering

Lehmann Aviation was founded in 2001 by a team of pilots and engineers.

During the 2000s, the company expanded its focus from contract-based research and development to include the development of production products.  During the past ten years, Lehmann Aviation developed a portfolio of highly efficient, innovative products with commercial and government applications, including the LP960 and LV580.

Launching the Future

In 2007, after a period of rigorous research, market validation, and business planning, Lehmann Aviation launched its small UAS product lines.  Lead customers included organizations in France, UK, Africa and Middle East.

Changing the Rules

Today, LA's UAS product lines are leaders in their respective markets.  Each offers a full spectrum of products, accessories, services, and systems integration, and each is directed by focused teams who are responsible for engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales, business development, and global expansion.  Each product enables its customers to bypass previously accepted limitations to improve their operating effectiveness.  Our customers use LA's small UAS to provide themselves with real-time situational awareness, high quality vertical still images for scientific or high tech applications, and full HD images, mainly for internet video clips or documentaries.

2011 - LFPV launch.


Launch of LFPV aircraft

Manually piloted aircraft for risky low altitudes full HD videos.
2009 - LV580 launch.


Launch of LV580 UAV

Advanced UAS for video, reconnaissance and survey.
2007 - LP960 launch.


Launch of LP960 UAV

Advanced UAS for high resolution images.
2004 - Company Creation.


Our first R&D program in UAS

Beginning of a 4 years R&D program to develop our range of UAS.
2001 - Company Creation.


Company creation

Engineering with passion.